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Monday, March 16, 2009

Palace Theater - Louisville, KY

So, where to begin on a Monday night like this. Most Mondays I'm anticipating how much Tuesday is going to suck, but today I'm in a neighboring state to Ohio - my ol' stomping ground... without a job... which is weird, but comfortable. Regardless, I battled the time change from Nashville and had a chicken parm sub next to the venue after totally scoring a row 2 pit ticket - Thank You Sarah!

The first hour of the show was a bore to be honest, but the venue itself was beautiful - even though many I talked to disagreed. To reiterate, the first half of the show was completely unenthusiastic and boring. We got the standards for the first hour until Ryan decided to take an executive "set break" in which a return would occur until curfew.

The return was pretty majestic. We had no talking whatsoever, no banter, no nothing, until we got some scorching hot tunes and the mood picked up. The mood changed from boring to melancholy, somber jams (that ruled ruled ruled by the way) with a glorious "Please do not let me go" (wtf) and then a "Blue Hotel" (yup), "Games" and "Why do they Leave". We got the band intros and light banter, but I would consider this gig the "I miss Mandy gig". His disposition was screaming 'I miss my lady'.

Listen - not the best, but not disappointed at all. The fucking chords discovered in "Peaceful Valley" were the best I've heard all tour, but the show itself didn't touch the last 3 dates. I saw Ryan look over at Neal and Chris and give a look like "Holy shit, why does this sound so good?" during the PV jam - I closed my eyes and swallowed the awesome. Anyway, Louisville was a jam, but not the jam we would've expected. Good to hear some oldies dusted off - hopefully more to come. And I feel like they will come rolling out. I really do.

See y'all in Memphis (after a hiatus where I will go to Graceland, Sun Records, and enjoy ST. Patty's!)

And here's the "Drunk Asshole Award" for the Louisville show! When he wasn't fist pumping he was drooling on his chest right behind me. "Ryan!!!" also in a girl's voice that was faked by himself on purpose, "Ryan, I love you!!!". Really man? Wow.

Palace Theater 03/16/09: SETLIST

On Stage: 8:44 pm

1. Beautiful Sorta
2. Fix It
3. Born into a Light
4. Come Pick Me Up
5. Cobwebs
6. Two
7. Freeway to the Canyon (NC)
8. I see Monsters
9. Let it Ride (still no words from the band)
10. Goodnight Rose

Set Break 9:34 pm (then we will play until curfew)
Back 9:50 pm

11. Grand Island (NC)
12. Mockingbird
13. Please do not let me go.
14. A Kiss Before I Go
15. Cold Roses
16. Games
17. Peaceful Valley (Holy guitar solo batman - so groovin!)
18. Evergreen
19. Lost Satellite (NC)
20. BLUE HOTEL!!!!!!!!
band intros (Finally some banter - Louisville pronunciation)
21. Why Do They Leave?
22. Sink Ships
23. Wonderwall
24. Magick

Off Stage 11:06 pm

The Colonel made a cameo on the walk to the Palace Theater...

The Palace in the daytime

The Palace: A View from the Inside... including sideburn guy

A lot of Ryan pics tonight for a change...

And the "Wolf"

And finally some Brad!

And Neal...

And my only halfway decent Graboff

See all your fine asses in Memphis...plus a 1 day hiatus!


  1. Totally sweet silhouette of Ryan against the rose. Niiiiiice.

  2. Hello, unfortunately I'm the "Drunk Asshole Award" guy. I'm really sorry if I ruined or held you guys back from the experience, but will you take the picture off me, please? I don't want any legal trouble or anything, I would just like my picture to be removed. Thank you very much.

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