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Sunday, March 15, 2009

War Memorial - Nashville, TN (Night 1)

Still recovering from the insanity that ensued after the concert, so this show review will be short and hopefully concise. As I said in the twitter updates, better than Columbia, although the acoustics aren't as good as the Township Auditorium. Very intimate venue though, which is a big plus.

Ryan and the Cards were on fire, but the momentum really seemed to pick up towards the end of the set during Peaceful Valley and Mockingbird. Then came some goodies we haven't heard in a while - Sun Also Sets, Crossed out Name - into a Magnolia Mountain encore (which was disgustingly good to hear again). I was on Neal's side tonight, so most of my pics are stage left... and a bunch of Neal shots too.

I will be drinking a ton of water tonight. No beer/alcohol. None. And it will stay that way until St. Patty's day in Memphis.

Nap time until the show. Nashville is pretty awesome.

War Memorial 03/14/09: NIGHT 1 SETLIST

On Stage: 8:46

Beautiful Sorta (Jon Graboff singing a verse)
Fix It
Born into a Light
Come Pick Me Up
Cobwebs (ending vocals were epic)
Freeway to the Canyon (Neal Casal)
Banter about Foreigner (Chris and Ryan)(Ryan is wearing a wedding band)
Icy Monsters (ryan: let's get back to songs about mental illness)
Let it Ride
evening joke w/ JG (3 piece suit joke)
Down in a Hole
Grand Island (Neal Casal)
Everybody Knows
When the Stars go Blue
Peaceful Valley> (best all night)
Lost Satellite (Neal Casal)
Rescue Blues (Jon Graboff on lead guitar)
Oh My God, Whatever Etc (Jon still on guitar)
The Sun also Sets
Oh My Sweet Carolina
Crossed out Name

off stage around 10:51

encore back on at 10:54
Magnolia Mountain

Beer Sellar pit stop

... And we tried to look at boobies in Nashville's red light district but it was closed

Had a burger and a couple Pabsts at a country bar pre-show (the bassist used to be in Cash's band -look far right)

The War Memorial - Nashville, TN (might be my favorite pic snapped so far on the road)

A view from the balcony inside

And a view from below

Evening Joke with Mr. Graboff

Dr. A

See you all tonight for round 2!

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