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Sunday, March 15, 2009

War Memorial - Nashville, TN (Night 2)

Night 2 at the War Memorial exceeded the awesomeness of Night 1, hands down. The encore was long and satisfying (that's what she said) and really was the defining point of the set in my opinion. The Cards played for approximately 2.5 hours, with steady momentum. I think I wanted more in the middle of the set; it seemed to get a little lackluster for me after "Two" (I'm glad a Natural Ghost got thrown in the mix) and the highlight for me - when things picked back up - was a beautiful, mellow Stars Go Blue. Then the focus and song choices intensified and the end of the set got n-u-t-s: Why do they leave ---> Bartering Lines--> Shakedown ---> A Kiss before I go ---> Magick. And then the encore sealed the deal with Dear Chicago and This is It.

Best setlist of the tour so far!

I met a ton of great people tonight and a special thanks to Francesca (sp?) for fronting me a ticket before a slimeball scalper jumped in front of me to drain the remaining wave of gen ad tickets at the box office. And it was great to finally meet the 2 Whitneys - I wish I had had it in me to bar hop tonight, but you know the story.

On another side note, there was this trash barrel drunken dickhead that I think everyone in the memorial hall - including Ryan and The Cards - wanted to kill and he happened to be standing literally right behind me for the entire show! He was the one who kept screaming with a deep drawl intelligent phrases like "I'm on a Boat", "Let's do dis", "Nashville!", etc. and even interrupted the set to have Ryan wish him a happy bday- "It's my birfday, 25!". Well, I snapped a pic of the crowd before the show started - see if you can pick out the asshole (see below)

War Memorial 03/15/09: NIGHT 2 SETLIST

1. I See Monsters
2. Fix It
3. Everybody Knows
4. Crossed Out Name
5. Come Pick Me Up
6. Cobwebs
7. Two
8. Freeway to the Canyon
9. Same Shirt as Me (improv)
10. Beautiful Sorta
11. Let it Ride
12. Natural Ghost
13. Grand Island
14. Band Intros
15. Born into a Light
16. Stars go Blue (super mellow version)
17. Evening Joke w/ Graboff
18. Goodnight Rose
19. Lost Satelite
20. Rescue Blues
21. Oh My God, Whatever, Etc.
22. The Sun Also Sets
23. Why Do They Leave
24. Bartering Lines
25. Shakedown on 9th Street
26. A Kiss Before I Go
27. Magick

Off: 11:42pm est
ON: 11:44pm est

Set 2

28. Wonderwall
29. Sink Ships
30. Cold Roses
31. Mockingbird>
32. Dear Chicago
33. This is It

Another building to the right of the War Memorial

Neal on the keys

A collapsed Ryan during a jammy Goodnight Rose

This guy was waiting by the tour bus with a portrait silkscreen/painting - very cool

The 2 Whitneys

... See you MFC fans in Kentucky!!!!

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